Idaho Ad Agencies: Job opening: Media Buyer

Job opening: Media Buyer

Posted: 26 Jan 2016 03:32 PM PST

DaviesMoore in Boise is looking to add a Media Buyer to their team:

Job Description:
DaviesMoore, a full-service marketing firm in Boise, is looking for a media buyer to work in a fast-paced, results oriented atmosphere.  This individual will be detail oriented, possess strong communication and negotiation skills, have working knowledge of Excel and previous experience in a media related field. Experience with Strata Media buying software and Marketing Research a plus.

The individual who fills this position must be driven and exemplify strong leadership qualities, as well as fit into the agency’s established culture that promotes autonomy with results.
Key Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis and placement of print, broadcast, digital and out-of-home advertising as directed by Media Planner
  • Negotiate with media vendors to maximize budget
  • Use appropriate research tools to analyze most efficient radio stations, TV programs, print vehicles and Digital options for clients
  • Negotiate and manage promotional opportunities
  • Manage and track schedule adjustments due to pre-emptions and make-goods
  • Approve media invoices and reconcile discrepancies
  • Manage and track buys against budgets

Education and Training:
Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and/or relevant experience. This is a long-term position with room for advancement as knowledge increases and proof of performance is achieved.  The successful candidate will need to be able to manage a wide variety of tasks at one time with a strong emphasis on detail. The ideal candidate has 3-5 years relevant experience as a media buyer or in a related media field.

Full details about the position and how to apply can be found here.

Idaho Democratic Party Job Opportunity

We are hiring entry-level, full-time staff in various locations around Idaho as Field Organizers. These positions start in March and will feature full benefits, free housing, and $2000 dollars monthly salary. Those hired will be provided expert training in grassroots organizing strategies and will be well on their way building a career in political activism. Applicants will need to send a resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation to

Idaho Democratic Party Internship

The Idaho Democrats are happy to offer students hands-on experience with politics, elected officials, campaigns, office work, communications and more either for credit or simply for political experience. Many of our interns go on to careers in the political field and enjoy the unique experiences that working with a state-wide organization can offer. Applicants will need to send a resume and cover letter to


Internships –

Instructional Video Intern Position with ITS

Job Title:  Student  Computer Analyst, undergraduate position

Description: Student will be working with ITS professionals to design and build instructional videos for ISU employees and students.  Videos will be used in classroom instruction and also be posted online for interested users.   The intern will work closely with ERP project staff to define requirements for the videos, then will create the videos, including filming, editing, and finalizing the videos to create quality products for use.  Prior experience creating and editing videos is required.

The student will gain real world, practical, applicable skills and experience on a real project of value to ISU.

Contact: Marjanna Hulet

Email Address:

Phone#: 282-2598

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