Summer Photo Internship in Pennsylvania

We are currently accepting applications from college students, high school teachers and college instructors/professors for our overnight summer camp in Northeast Pennsylvania. We would appreciate if you could kindly pass this opportunity to your students/colleagues as well as consider this for yourself. By way of background, Trail’s End is a 7 week traditional all-around summer camp, located in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. We are considered to be one of the premier summer camps in all of the United States. Trail’s End is located about 2 hours from New York City.

Our Program: Trail’s End is an all-around camp with strong arts programs. Our program challenges campers of all artistic abilities in the most supportive and encouraging environment. We offer programs in Ceramics, Fine Arts, Textiles, Woodworking, Photography+Digital Media, Film, Robotics, and more. We are looking to fill positions in those areas, as well as a Director of our Arts Center. Applicants must have a desire to teach, guide and coach campers of all skill levels. Our facilities and tools are state of the art! Our population is made up of 540 campers ranging in age from 7-16 and over 200 staff members.

Dates:Trail’s End Camp – June 15th – August 13th

Salary: Competitive salary + travel expense reimbursement based on experience. Room & Board are included.

Internships: We also offer paid internships for College Students. Please contact for more information.

Responsibilities: Our arts staff is responsible for teaching the fundamentals of their assigned area, guiding campers along with their projects, as well as keeping the campers safe.

Be sure to visit our website at, where you will also find short films detailing our program.

We would also appreciate it if you are interested in a position at camp this summer if you can complete our online application at Or email your resume to sara@trailsendcamp so we can set up a time for an interview.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,
Brandon Hoovis
Operations Coordinator

Instagram: trailsend47

Retail & Social Media Internship / PT

Gallows is now hiring for a part-time position!

Here’s what we’re looking for…

  • 25-35 hours a week
  • Willing to work Saturdays
  • Experience working in retail
  • Can start ASAP
  • Good with computers and social media sites
  • Able to keep yourself busy and on task without direct supervision

If you would like to apply please bring your resume in to the shop or you can email it to

Advertising Consultant – Digital Media Sales – Idaho Falls, ID

Cox Automotive is seeking an Advertising Consultant to serve as an expert in the full portfolio of our digital media solutions. In this role you will work with clients to understand and identify the appropriate digital media solutions based on their specific needs through analysis and consumer/market insights.

For details and to apply:

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